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Massage for Men in Sheffield

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You can choose whether you want a Swedish massage or Deep Tissue massage or Tantric massage or a Naturist experience.

If you are unsure what you want, simply give yourself up to your Massage Therapist whose expert touch will explore and make sense of the particular landscape of tension in your body.

Man2man Massage

Men with muscle stiffness from:










Deep Tissue Massage eases muscle tension….

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Time to ease aches and muscle tension

Swedish Massage achieves Total Relaxation…

Men with body tension from:













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Time for total relaxation

 Time to       let go

Tantric massage offers sensual, spiritual touch…

Men who have lost their spark,














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Time to






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Long hours at work station, PC or meeting room

Hard sessions in the gym, running or cycling

Heavy work (builder, plumber, electrician)

Aches from driving, gardening, DIY, sport

Stressful life events

Financial worries

Work pressures or conflict

Relationship concerns

Family problems


feel numb or disconnected

or are simply curious…

can explore Tantra,


mindful breathing,

guided meditation,

sensual awakening touch

Give yourself up to the hands of an expert. Your man2man massage therapist has over 10 years hands on experience providing touch therapy. He has worked on hundreds of men and been specifically trained in holistic Therapeutic Massage, Hands Free Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage and Tantric and Chakra Massages.

All Man2man massages are full body and best experienced naked. However, if you prefer, you can receive your massage in underwear or draped with towels. Whatever you are most comfortable with.

Find time for you

Total relaxation

Ease muscle tension  

Time to be whole again




Sensual spiritual touch

Every massage is a unique experience. Reflecting the energy in the room and tailored to you individually.


Allow yourself a blissful hour