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A5: If you have had a blood clot, a heart attack or a stroke within the last 12 months, massage should be avoided. If you have any concerns about being well enough to recieve a massage, you should raise these with your therapist when you book your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A1: Usually clients recieve a massage nude. However, if you wish to wear underwear or be draped by towels for modesty, you can choose to do this.

Q2: The question I am most commonly asked is the concern “what if I get an erection during the  massage?”

Q3: If I have other questions about my massage?

Q6: Does it matter if I am straight or gay or bisexual?


Q1: Do clients have to wear shorts, underwear or be draped with towels?

A2: Erections occur quite naturally when you are at your most relaxed.  Relaxation is a key element of massage. If it happens it is not a problem.

A3: The easiest thing to do is to book a mutually convenient time, attend your appointment and take it from there. The simple truth is that every massage is as unique and individual as yourself or your massage therapist. Try it and see if it works for you.

A4: You are able to shower if you wish, but your showering will be included in your appointment time. Any showering should be brief. A towel can be provided or you can bring your own.

A6: Man2man Massage works with men regardless of their sexual orientation, culture or ethnicity.

Please email: [email protected]

Q4: Can I shower before-hand or afterwards?

Q5: Are there any health problems which will prevent my being massaged?